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The 911 Killer! The Truth About 2022 CORVETTE C8 Stingray 3LT Z51 - Motorox TV

The 911 Killer! The Truth About 2022 CORVETTE C8 Stingray 3LT Z51

In the markup-heavy automotive market of today, you might not be able to purchase a 2022 Chevrolet Corvette for anywhere close to retail price, but the C8 Corvette is still the performance bargain of the century. There isn’t any automobile that can equal the performance and usefulness of the new 2022 Corvette C8 Stingray at its price range.
It’s challenging to find negative things to say about the C8. Design criticism is an individualized process. And while there may be some valid complaints about the odd climate control system or the absence of a manual transmission, these complaints generally become moot once you drive the vehicle. In almost every regard, it’s outstanding, and Chevy finally provides a good cabin to round off the package.
For 2022, there are only minor adjustments.
Updates to the engine’s fuel injection system and calibration enable it to emit less pollutants and offer greater idling stability.
Additionally, it has had its cylinder deactivation mechanism adjusted to work across a wider range of rpms.
Chevy expanded the number of options available for vehicles other than the Z51 by adding a new low-profile rear spoiler and front splitter.
The inside of this C8 Corvette is the greatest to ever wear the badge. Panel gaps are quite small, edges are clean, but most importantly, it’s a distinctive design that complements the car. Why not have an interior that is equally outrageous as the outside that the Corvette sports? The infotainment screen and cascade of controls located on the conspicuous partition surround the driver completely. Everything is simple to see and grasp, at least for the driver, when you take into account their relatively high position and the colorful all-digital instrument panel. Being the passenger can make you feel like you’re in a sidecar because you can hardly see or reach the controls. That applies to the otherwise feature-rich, user-friendly infotainment system.
Without a doubt, the Corvette offers the most enjoyable driving experience for the money. It performs admirably on a racetrack and is relaxed and pleasant on unpaved roads. Contrary to what you may think, cruising around in one is far more relaxed and common. At low speeds, the steering wheel can be easily maneuvered left or right, the brakes are firm, and the magnetic dampers are excellent at smoothing out bumps.
The outstanding well-tuned chassis is well-tuned and achieves a beautiful balance between ride and handling, similar to what Porsche has been doing with the 911 for years. The Corvette continues to be a superbly balanced rock even as the Gs increase. In Sport mode, the steering weight is almost ideal, but in Track mode, it turns little too heavily. Corner bumps and larger undulations are ignored. Chevy’s eight-speed dual-clutch transmission won’t let you down either; it shifts gears quickly and reacts to paddle movements quite quickly.

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