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WOW 18ct Gold Lamborghini Aventador || Nasser Edition Lamborghini 1 Of 1 || MotoroxTV - Motorox TV

WOW 18ct Gold Lamborghini Aventador || Nasser Edition Lamborghini 1 Of 1 || MotoroxTV

In this video, you will see the 18ct Gold Flake Lamborghini Aventador Lp760-4. It’s the only Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 with 18-carat gold in the World (1 of 1) and it’s called Nasser and it’s LOUD.

Oakley Design originally finished this Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 for Nasser Al-Thani of the Qatar Royal family. The car got some interesting technical and cosmetic upgrades.

The original color of this car was orange, but it has since been fully stripped then repainted with Pearl Green and in the first coat of lacquer 18-carat gold leaf metal flakes were used. Nine more coats of lacquer were then applied to give the final stunning finish.

Oakley Design fitted a set of carbon fiber parts to this Aventador. They include a central front chin spoiler, increased in length to provide more downforce. The Dragon Edition is fitted with parts that increase the front intake making it wider for increased airflow and cooling, the side sill intakes are also opened up for more airflow and cooling and the rear bumper vents are larger to extract more hot air. The diffuser has extended vanes for better stability at high speed and the rear spoiler has been set at 15 degrees for optimized downforce to drag ratio and increased top speed. Finally, the top airbox intakes are opened up to feed the engine with an increased ram air effect.

The original customer decided to retain the factory four-wheel-drive system. Oakley Design’s upgrades have been applied to the engine management system and a titanium exhaust muffler system has been fitted which weighs only 6kgs. Finally, the tailpipes have been finished with a Refined Marques laser-etched tip!

Power figures have been measured at 683hp and 524lb-ft of torque for previous Aventador LP760 conversions.

Topspeed 370 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 3.10 s
Power 760 hp
Torque 780 Nm @ 3250 RPM
Weight 1523 kg

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