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The Best Off Road Vehicle For Under $17,000 | 4×4 SUV Suzuki Jimny Review

The new Suzuki Jimny not only The Best Off Road Vehicle but it’s also the cheapest and BEST off road vehicle available on the market today.
Simply put there is no better value for money off road vehicle than the new jb74 Suzuki Jimny.

The best 4×4 SUV Suzuki Jimny Car Review 2022
In this video, I reviewed the ultimate SUV, Suzuki Jimny and its under $17,000.
You kind of want a Jimny, regardless of your SUV requirements, and there’s no good reason for you to acquire one, but you can’t help yourself; you’ve got to get one!

The Suzuki is the most compact 4×4 on the market, with big round headlamps, massive contrasting grille, fender flares and bumpers, and a literal two-box design. It’s available in six vibrant colors and perfectly captures the ‘modern-retro’ urban appearance.

The seats are uncomplicated, with fabric trim, adequate base support, and adequate bolstering. Fold the 50:50 split seats down and enjoy your new flat-floor two-seat runabout’s neat and easy-to-clean epoxy floors.

The instruments, which consist of two huge dials flanking a small LCD screen, are easy to read and provide adequate basic data.

Great air-conditioning controls, electric windows and mirrors, and Suzuki’s simple but well-featured 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system are among the luxuries. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, as well as an integrated navigation system, rear-view camera vision, and Bluetooth phone and audio functions.

The Jimny is powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 75kW and 130 Nm of torque. It’s also light, both on its feet when steering and in general, weighing in at only 1075kg. With peak torque of 130Nm available at 4000rpm, engine response is best at mid-to-high engine speeds.

The Jimny’s simple ladder-frame chassis, coil springs, and solid axles at both ends provide it with a surprising lot of capability and mobility across difficult terrain. A 37-degree approach, 28-degree break-over, and enormous 49-degree departure angle makes one of the most capable 4×4 in the market today

Suzuki’s Allgrip Pro four-wheel-drive system has high- and low-range gearing, as well as uphill and downhill descent support. Furthermore, the traction-control program features a “simulated” locking mechanism, in which free-spinning wheels are instantly braked, allowing gripped tyres to receive power and propel the vehicle ahead with traction.

When it comes to safety the car has six airbags and an anti-lock brake system, among other safety features.
It won’t tow much, haul much, or even fit much, but you can acquire a variety of attachments for it, like roof racks, rear ladders, extra storage, armrests, and many more.

The only thing that surpasses the Jimny’s off-road capability is the sheer amount of fun you can have while driving it. You bump around in inelegant ways, you hear everything that goes on behind the hood and then under the car, there’s not a lot of refinement anywhere near you, but I guarantee you have a mile-wide grin on your face the entire time.

●Length 3480mm
●Width 1645mm
●Height 1720mm
●Wheelbase 2250mm
●Ground clearance 210mm
●Weight (kerb) 1075kg
●Boot volume 85L/830L
●Wheels/tyres 195/80R15 Bridgestone

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