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The Best Electric Motorcycle on the Market today – The Energica EsseEsse9+ Full Review

In this review, you will learn about The Best Electric Motorcycle on the Market today – The Energica EsseEsse9+ Full Review
a relative newcomer to the business which began operations in 2010 and has swiftly established a significant presence in the electric motorcycle market, especially since it powers motorcycles for MotoE, the electric version of the more well-known MotoGP.

The EsseEsse9+ is an old school electric beast that has everything you’d expect from a sportbike wrapped up in an old school standard/classic style which can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds. Aside from the incredible speed, Energica’s battery capacity allows for a wide range of operation. It is powered by a 21.5kWh battery pack, with a motor that produces 107 kw, which translates to 145 hp.

The bike claims it has a range of 250 miles (400 kilometers) on a single charge, and it has quick charging capabilities, allowing you to refuel and be ready to go in only 40 minutes (80 percent charged with DC fast charge).

Ranges for a combined journey will be around 230 kilometers; however, if you drive particularly urban on the highway and push it harder on the throttle, the range will be reduced to 180 kilometers.
The lack of a clutch and gears will be alien to newbies of electric bikes, while those who ride scooters or mopeds may find this comparable. Those used to a more traditional bike with gears and clutch may struggle with navigating the bike at slower speeds due to the bike’s weight (260kg/576lbs).

There are four riding modes for the motorcycle: Eco, Urban, Rain, and Sport. Rain mode, by restricting responsiveness and horsepower and giving superior traction control, provides the greatest grip of the three for operating in wet weather, while Urban provides greater power for city riding. When compared to sport mode, which optimizes maximum power and torque, it won’t provide you the same quick power and reaction.

In Sports mode, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds and reach a peak speed of 200 km/h. While some may argue that it cannot compete with the highest-end petrol-powered race bikes on the market, it will match, if not outperform, the 600 – 750cc bikes.

Among the many nice features that Energica incorporated with the bike, is the reverse and slow forward moving settings, which gives it the ability to park the bike or move it about in less-than-ideal scenarios.

The EsseEsse 9+ with its partially exposed chassis and forward-shaped fairings, giving it a more aggressive appearance, is a fantastic Italian design bike that lacks nothing in terms of technological specifications. It allows riders to go far, fast, and powerful on a bike that looks classic, beautiful, and ready to take off at high speeds.

The main drawback is the lack of exhaust noises, which means that cars will be significantly less likely to hear the roar as you go by them. We hope the manufacturer would look into this since, as the adage goes, “Loud Pipes Save Lives,” and without some kind of noise to notify cars, electric bike riders need to be more mindful of their presence on the roads.

● POWER: 80 kW – 109 Hp.
● TORQUE: 200 Nm – 148 lb-ft.
● TOP SPEED: 200 km/h
● ACCELERATION: 0-100 km h 2.8 sec.
● RANGE: 420 km – 261 miles City

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