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RESTORED! $100K Mustang Shelby GT350R | Arabia Motors show – Part 20 - Motorox TV

RESTORED! $100K Mustang Shelby GT350R | Arabia Motors show – Part 20

This mustang has been restored by one of the best restoration experts in the Middle East.
Salah Salah el din started SMS garage over 15 years ago with one objective, simply to be the best at restoring and modifying cars in the whole of the Middle East, and this car is testimonyal to his success.

The Mustang was updated for the 1967 model year to give a bigger, more substantial exterior after spending three years in its lightweight, compact form. This was a truth that also applied to all Mustangs that were descended from Shelby. The 1967 Shelby GT350 had a new style that gave it a monstrous, “wide in the shoulders” aspect and a notably more aggressive appearance than vehicles from the previous two years of manufacture.
The 1967 GT350 is undoubtedly the most instantly identifiable Shelby series Mustang because of its aggressive appearance, which emanated an air of unrelenting performance. Enlarged front and rear fascias, as well as an extended fiberglass hood, were now features of the new GT350. Additionally, the GT350 was equipped with two 7-inch driving lights that were placed at either end of the grille, while some vehicles were actually delivered with these lights placed close to one another in the middle of the grille.
The functioning hood scoop and hood pins that held the 1967 GT350’s hood in place added to the vehicle’s threatening appearance. Just in front of the car’s rear wheel wells, on these GT350s, were functioning brake scoops as well. Instead of the rear-quarter windows from the previous year, the GT350 now had two air scoops.
For the 1967 model year, the GT350 was once more specified to produce 306 HP and 329 lb-ft of torque. The 1967 Shelby GT350 was incredibly powerful for its day, registering a peak speed of 140 MPH and producing 0-60 MPH timings of around 7 seconds, even though it was in no way comparable to supercars of the present age.

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