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Jaguar E-Type – The Ultimate Restoration | Arabia Motors Part 28

Jaguar’s E-type The automobile, which was primarily designed by aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer with major assistance from Sir William Lyons, created a stir when it was presented in 1961.
The DOHC inline-six cylinder XK engine, which made its debut in the 1948 Jaguar XK120, served as the heart of the E-type. The XK engine’s initial 160 horsepower helped the XK120 become the fastest series-produced automobile in the world when it debuted in 1948.
The engine was a 3781 cc XK engine connected to a four-speed Moss gearbox without overdrive, which was carried over from the XK150S. Jaguar advertised that the E-type engine generated 265 horsepower (SAE) at 5500 rpm, however this was, to put it mildly, overstated.
A whole steel monocoque served as the body of the Jaguar E-Type, one year before the monocoque chassis was used in Formula One racing.
Independent rear suspension and precise rubber application reduced noise and vibration.
The E-Type featured a 265bhp 3.8-liter engine and four-speed manual ‘box by the time it was debuted in 1961. With a list price of £2097 for the Roadster and £2196 for the Coupe, it was half the price of its more exotic competitors. However, the claimed peak speed of 150 mph for normal manufacturing models was a touch optimistic.

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