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From F2 Racing to Becoming a Rapper | Arabia Motors Show Part 44 - Motorox TV

From F2 Racing to Becoming a Rapper | Arabia Motors Show Part 44

From F2 Racing to Rapping, we find out how Hamad Al Fardan became a Rapper.
In the world of entertainment, we often see individuals pursuing multiple talents and careers. While it may seem daunting to some, for others, it’s a natural flow of exploration and discovery. Hamad Al Fardan is one such individual, a Bahraini-born artist who evolved from Formula 2 racing to music. Hamad originally began his career in racing, but a life-changing accident forced him to explore new opportunities.

Hamad Al Fardan is a successful rapper from Bahrain who has made a name for himself in the international music scene. However, before pursuing a career in music, Al Fardan was a promising F2 racing driver. In his early career, he competed in several F2 championship races around the world, representing Bahrain with pride. Al Fardan’s natural driving abilities and passion for racing led him to several notable achievements, including winning the F2 GCC Championship in 2009. His success in F2 racing showcased his dedication and determination to excel in his chosen field, and laid a strong foundation for his future career endeavors.

Hamad Al Fardan’s journey from F2 racing to music may seem like a drastic shift in career, but it was a deliberate and calculated decision. Fardan had always been passionate about music, but his career as a professional race car driver took precedence. However, after a successful career in racing, Fardan decided to shift gears and pursue his love for music. He knew that transitioning to a completely different industry would come with its own set of challenges, but he was willing to put in the work to make it happen. Fardan sought out professional training and guidance to refine his skills as a rapper and songwriter, and he invested a significant amount of time and resources into building his brand and network in the music industry. The transition from racing to music was not an easy one, but Fardan’s dedication and determination have helped him establish a successful career as a rapper.
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