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Ducati Xdiavel The Diablo of Motorbikes | Arabia Motors TV Show (Part 5) - Motorox TV

Ducati Xdiavel The Diablo of Motorbikes | Arabia Motors TV Show (Part 5)

The XDiavel, despite being marketed as a cruiser, was far too boisterous, aggressive, sinister-looking, and speedier than a traditional cruiser. In short, it was yet another insane Italian motorcycle that was difficult to describe but impossible to resist. However, cruiser enthusiasts were not pleased, and the Xdiavel S is Ducati’s response to their complaints.

While not many outside (or in) the industry know exactly what this motorcycle is, it’s frequently classified as a power cruiser or a sports cruiser, which are both quite broad categories. So, what exactly is the XDiavel S and how does it ride? Arabia Motors gets the low down over the course of a few days and made us return surprised, perplexed and wanting one.

Sameer Uchi, founder, and editor-in-chief of ARABIA MOTORS, a print magazine that use to showcase the hottest supercars and bikes from the oil-rich Middle East. Today Sameer Uchi combines his passion for amazing cars with a love for great filmmaking – thus bringing you real stories about extraordinary people and their amazing machines in a very entertaining way. Check out our new youtube channel motors TV

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