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400hp Honda S2000 Street Racing Pocket Rocket | Arabia Motors Show Part 21 - Motorox TV

400hp Honda S2000 Street Racing Pocket Rocket | Arabia Motors Show Part 21

This is an awesome pocket rocket S2000 with amazing power and a fantastic body kit.
Japanese cars are things that you can modify to no end. The first thing we did on
this car was actually install a turbo system and now it makes about 400 horsepower and around 550 at the flywheel.

The S2000 is a wide car to begin with so when you put an additional 30 to 40 millimeters on it than that changes everything. It has a 50 50 weight distribution and is very unique looking. They are considered cult cars.

It’s fitted with HKS suspensions hyper damper force the best money can buy.
It’s a two liter stock internals.
Has a turbo by P tuning.
Has a GTX 30 ball bearing with a billet wheel.
Runs on methanol injection. Methanol drops the intake temperatures by 30 40 degree. Makes the air denser, which turbos love.
This Honda S2000 is going to make a huge noise when it hits the streets because it looks beautiful. It’s also gonna be huge guessing game on how much horsepower it’s got. This is how the street racing scene goes.

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