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About Us

  Presented by Sameer Uchi, Motorox TV  is a leading motoring digital platform that is dedicated to showcasing and creating quality automotive film content.

Think of it like a video magazine showcasing the hottest cars and bikes, and bringing you the latest from the world of automotive.

Our top-notch team regularly publishes short films of supercars, test drives, interviews, racers, reviews, bikers, and all types of amazing automotive content on a weekly basis. We intend to inform and entertain our automotive aficionados and also inspire the rest of the community about these amazing machines. 

Sameer Uchi was  the founder and editor-in-chief of Arabia Motors magazine, one of the top automotive magazines in the Middle East region. Today Sameer Uchi combines his passion for amazing cars, bikes and filmmaking – thus bringing you Motorox TV, showcasing real stories about extraordinary people and their amazing machines in a very entertaining way.

If you have a unique car or bike, or if you are someone that is involved in motorsport or automotive and have a story, contact us at MotoroxTV, we would love to hear your story.